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We offer investment advice and savings plans that are personal to you. By taking into account your own circumstances, past experiences, and your long term aspirations we hope to build a savings and investment plan together specifically for you.

Whether you are saving for specific goal or just for a rainy day, it is a good idea to save some money on a regular basis.
Many savings accounts give you instant access to your money so you can get at it when you need to.
Saving is different to investing, which is usually for the longer term.

Listed below are the savings options available to you

Deposit Options

We deal with a number deposit institutions under one roof

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Investment Bonds

We offer a range of Investment Options to suit all investors.

We offer a range of Investment Options to suit all investors. Below are some of our Investment Options.


WARNING: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest

WARNING: The value of your investment may go down as well as up

Regular Savings

Saving now can improve your standard of living in the future. Whether you are planning for your new home, for school or university fees or simply for peace of mind, a sensible savings budget can help make these goals a reality.

Saving can also provide a vital emergency fund against unforeseen events such as losing your job. The recent economic downturn has shown just how quickly personal circumstances can change.

Having a savings plan in place is the one way to ensure that you are financially prepared for the unexpected.

Saving for your children’s education – can you afford not to?

We also offer a deposit account with KBC Investment funds