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Our Qualified Financial Advisers will provide you with Independent Impartial Advice on Pensions, Insurance & Investments from a range of Providers.


It is as important to regularly review your financial affairs just as often as you review your car for road-worthiness, or visit your Doctor for a physical check-up. You would never dream of skipping your required NCT, yet many people fail to actively manage their money – even though they work so hard to earn it or save it up!

Achieving financial peace of mind means knowing where you are now, having an attainable financial goal to work towards, and actively following a clear plan to get you there. At Key Financials, our personalized, straight-talking approach will give you the confidence to knowledgeably manage your money, and set you on a path to reaching your goals.

Most new clients begin with a FREE Financial Health Check-Up with a dedicated Key Financials Advisor, which takes about an hour. Our current clients are also strongly advised to do this at least once each year.

We will talk about your needs, goals and aspirations, as well as the savings budget you feel is realistic under your present circumstances. We will review your current savings plans, and the insurance protection you have in place. Our goal is not to sell during this session, but to advise you – and leave you to consider the options that you have.

During the FREE Financial Health Check Up  a dedicated Key Financials Advisor, we will ensure that:  

  • You are managing your taxes efficiently and availing of the latest tax savings
  • You have adequate coverage to protect your income, your family, and your home in case something goes wrong – also your business, if applicable
  • Your current funds and accounts are the most competitive and performing well
  • Your existing policies match your current and future needs
  • Any changes in your personal circumstances are assessed to see if changes need to be made to your financial affairs
  • Impacts of Legislative Changes are taken into account on your current plans

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